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Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Prior to the Biden summit, China criticizes US democracy

China criticises US democracy

Key Takeaways:

  • “There is no decided model of democracy,” China stated in an official document titled China.
  • Democracy That Works, which was published on Saturday and details the country’s democratic efforts.

The international community, not a few “self-appointed judges,” should decide whether a country is democratic or not, China said in an official document on Saturday, as it ramped up its criticism of the upcoming US-organized Summit for Democracy.

According to the document, a country’s democratic status “should be recognized by the international community, not arbitrarily decided by a few self-appointed judges.”

“For the past century, the Party has led the people in achieving people’s democracy in China.” “The Chinese people now truly control their future, as well as the future of society and the country,” the paper said, according to the official CGTN channel.

Joseph Robinette Biden Jr., president of the United States; Image from ExBulletin

According to Chinese official media, China’s system has been dubbed “whole-process people’s democracy” after PM Xi Jinping introduced the concept 2 years ago in Shanghai.

China’s governance has been firmly under the control of the Communist Party of China (CPC) since 1949, with all government functions including the authority and judiciary fully compliant to CPC rules.

The National People’s Congress, China’s legislature, is regarded as largely ceremonial and a rubber stamp for decisions made by the CPC. The definition excludes both free media and universal suffrage for national office. China has repeatedly chastised the West for imposing its democratic model on other countries.

China and Russia are not among the approximately 110 governments invited to Biden’s two-day virtual Summit for Democracy, which begins on Thursday. The inclusion of Taiwan, a self-governing democracy that China claims is a breakaway region, has enraged Beijing even more.

Source: Hindustantimes News

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