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Sunday, September 24, 2023

Some areas might see temperatures over 40 C amid Ontario

Temperatures in some areas could reach 40 degrees Celsius.

Key Takeaways:

  • For a significant area of Ontario and Quebec, heat advisories are still in effect due to the possibility of high temperatures and humidity on Wednesday.
  • Phillips claims that this time of year is when temperatures in the 30s are typical and the evenings are warm (over 20 degrees Celsius).

As a result of the potential for high temperatures and humidity on Wednesday, heat advisories are still in effect for large portions of Ontario and Quebec.

Heat warnings are currently in effect for nearly all southern Ontario and sections of southern Quebec, as well as the northern Ontario communities of Greater Sudbury and North Bay, Ont.

In some parts of Quebec, humidex readings may reach 40 or higher.

According to Environment Canada, low 20s overnight temperatures “will provide the little reprieve from the heat.”

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Environment Canada predicts “slightly milder temperatures” for Ontario on Thursday, although certain southern regions may experience warmer conditions through Sunday.

“Winters are chilly, and summers are hot. For the timing of this, nothing out of the ordinary occurs, “Dave Phillips, a senior climatologist with Environment Canada, stated to CTV’s Your Morning on Wednesday.

After a month, the shortest day of the year, often known as the summer solstice, he claimed Eastern Canada appeared to be in the “dog days of summer.”

The customary period in July – August when the weather in the Northern Hemisphere is especially hot and muggy is known as the “dog days of summer,” according to The Old Farmer’s Almanac.

The phrase dates back to ancient Greece and Rome, which held that both people and dogs became insane in the intense heat.

According to Phillips, this is the moment of the year when temperatures in the 30s are to be expected, and the nights are warm (over 20 degrees Celsius).

The letters on Wednesday follow heat advisories from Environment Canada for four provinces such as Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Quebec.

Temperatures in some areas could reach 40 degrees Celsius.
Temperatures in some areas could reach 40 degrees Celsius. Image from Bloomberg

The United Kingdom experienced temperatures above 40 C for the first time recorded.

In addition, Environment Canada has issued severe thunderstorm watches for areas of southern Quebec and most of northeastern and southern Ontario.

Environment Canada states those impacted areas are susceptible to strong wind gusts, hail, and tornadoes. Phillips added that thunderstorms normally follow once the heat and humidity have subsided.

He asserted that projections indicate that summer’s second half will be warmer than its first.

According to Phillips, the “warmest half of the summer is yet to come,” with July and August being warmer than average.

“In the future, there will be more days above 30 degrees Celsius, and we will undoubtedly continue to lament the heat and humidity. We usually do; it’s Canadian custom. “On Wednesday, he said on Your Morning on CTV.

We wait for it to arrive and then whine when it does.

Source: CTV News

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