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Google has published its list of favorite Chrome Extensions for 2021

Google has published Chrome Extensions

Key Takeaways:

  • Google has emitted a list of hand-picked Chrome extensions designed to make your life easier.

As the year arrives to a close, Google has published a list of hand-picked Chrome extensions that are designed to help users “virtually stay connected, get things done, and have some fun along the way.”

Google has divided the extensions into four categories based on what they provide. These include: communicating and collaborating, staying productive, learning virtually, and making (and saving) some change.

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Google has chosen three Chrome extensions for this category. Loom aims to simplify the process of capturing and sharing videos with others. Mote will enable users to provide quick feedback via voice. The extension allows users to add voice comments and audio to shared documents, assignments, emails, and forms.

Wordtune was also named one of the company’s top picks for 2021. Because it rewrites sentences and corrects typos in emails and documents, the extension can communicate more effectively.

favorite Chrome Extensions for 2021; Image from USA News

Google has stated that it has chosen extensions that will provide new ways to stay focused and efficient as part of this category. For example, the forest is an extension that uses virtual tree planting and rewards to motivate users and increase productivity.

Dark Reader is also one of the company’s favorite Chrome extensions. Dark Reader is designed to protect your eyes and reduce strain by applying a dark theme to Chrome websites you visit.

Google has mentioned extensions that will allow users to use virtual classroom tools as part of the ‘Learn Virtually’ category. Kami, which assists users in creating an interactive online learning space, is one of the top picks. Thanks to the tool, teachers, and students will collaborate in real-time.

Users can also use the Insert Learning Chrome extension to take notes quickly. The tool is even compatible with Google Classroom. Toucan is said to make the process “fun and immersive.”

Rememberry is the final extension included in this category. The extension can create flashcard decks of vocabulary words for quick study.

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