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Haya Mostafa “Jumps” To Success With Show Jumping And Horse Riding

Participating in varied well-known competitions, Haya attained massively with her skills as an equestrian.

It is always quite astonishing to notice how a few professionals working across different sectors around the world move their way to the top, thriving on a variety of qualities and traits. Among these, no one can deny how honesty and passion for something can lead people to where they wish to be in their journeys while also motivating and encouraging other budding talents to do the same to chase their dreams and fulfil all their goals, even if they seem too challenging to fulfil. To do that in the sports arena of the world has proved to be an altogether different challenge in itself; still, there have been players and sporting personalities like Haya Mostafa who make all of this look effortless. Haya Mostafa is a one-of-a-kind woman possessing tremendous skills as an Egyptian equestrian who now has made quite a name for herself in the sector.

This young girl, who is an Egyptian sporting talent in horse riding, has had her presence felt at varied competitions so far, getting qualified for several local and international shows and also for the finals of a few competitions. She had participated in the Show Jumping Cup in Germany and went ahead in winning 1st place 8x times in her home country. Campari is one among the four horses she owns that have played a huge role in thrusting her forward in her journey, she confesses, saying that he participated with her in these esteemed horse riding competitions, and after 17 years, she retired him.

Haya Mostafa says that she realized she was always inclined toward horses and would keep gazing at them, believing that one day, she could take charge and become an equestrian. Hence, her journey in horse riding began at the very naïve age of four and show jumping at 11 years. She would always insist her family to go for horse riding until she got signed up with a trainer.

Today, Haya Mostafa (@haya) feels she has come a long way and “jumped” to success at show jumping, but she still believes she has a long way to go.

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