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Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Offering the best of real estate services and brokerage through his Panozzo Team – HomeSmart is ace realtor Dave Panozzo

Both Dave and his wife Kim Panozzo have risen their company to greater success with their innovative and personalized real estate solutions.

Looking at the world around us makes us realize how far we have come. Industries worldwide have been rising and how, thanks to the consistent efforts and hard work that entrepreneurs and professionals have shown in taking those industries to greater heights of success. The real estate industry of the US is one amongst these that shows no signs of stopping and major credit goes to the realtors and real estate firms that have made all of this possible. Dave Panozzo and his wife Kim Panozzo are amongst these realtors who specialize in areas of Phoenix/Scottsdale Arizona with their services offered through their firm, The Panozzo Team – HomeSmart.

Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, Dave Panozzo is a full-time real estate agent and also serves as the member of the National, Arizona and Scottsdale Association of Realtors. His previous experiences spread across different areas, where he served in the US Army. As a college dropout, this gentleman tried his luck in the sales arena, working for car dealership and then got introduced to the real estate world and started flipping homes. Throughout his career, he faced it all and after he saw the most downside in his life during the market crash in 2008, Dave Panozzo and his wife Kim Panozzo, also a real estate professional dived deeper into the space and created their company The Panozzo Team – HomeSmart that today works to serve the target market across Phoenix/Scottsdale Arizona areas and are known widely for doing things differently.

Today both Dave and Kim are recognized realtors across the US. Dave Panozzo is all excited to even get featured on HGTV House Hunters in March/April 2021. Kim was already interviewed by the Today Show. They also have to their credit multiple articles on Forbes on the Real Estate Council. Apart from the ace realtors that this husband-wife duo are, they are also focused on bringing out the best in each individual in their team and improve their sales career and personal lives through personal development and business coaching weekly.

Thanks to their visionary/integrator relationship, they have been able to double their business each passing year and are also on a steady growth as a team. Dave Panozzo says that he is very familiar with areas of Scottsdale and the surrounding areas of Phoenix. With his team, he brings value to clients’ buying/selling experiences, due to his long years of experience in the valley, purchasing auction properties, and completing construction projects.

For 2021, the team is all excited to raise the bar for others in the real estate field and help people get nearer their home dreams. To know more, follow them on Instagram @thepanozzoteam

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