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Thursday, February 22, 2024

In the winter, the Saanich Peninsula produces the most carrots in Canada

the Saanich Peninsula produces the most carrots in Canada

Key Takeaways:

  • Mild climatic conditions are to blame for the abundant late-fall harvest.

Andrew Engqvist, owner-operator of Andrew’s Farm Stand on Tomlinson Road in Central Saanich, is pulling out bunches of carrots on a Sunday morning, shaking off the soil as he goes.

Much of his property off Welch Road is in the shade, and there’s a chill in the air. Temperatures are mild for carrots and locally grown vegetables such as beets and Swiss chard. However, farmers such as Engqvist are reporting strong fall harvests.

“I’m pleased with how late in the season we’re picking,” he says.

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The Saanich Peninsula may be the only place in Canada where farmers still pull carrots from the ground. Engqvist estimates that his operation generates approximately 20 cases per day.

Saanich Peninsula produces the most carrots; Image from Growing Produce

These figures are good news for local shoppers, as these carrots are available at Root Cellar, Pepper’s Foods, Old Farm Market, Deep Cove Market, and Fickle Fig Farm Market.

Except for the heavy rain events earlier in the fall and winter, this year’s weather patterns have been fairly typical for a La Nina year. But, like any farmer, Engqvist keeps a close eye on the weather forecast, which predicts snow this week. “Heavy snow can harm the carrots,” he explained.

higher-than-usual temperatures earlier this year harmed Greater Victoria berry crops but benefited other crops such as corn.

Source: peninsula news review

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