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Thursday, February 29, 2024

In September, Conservatives will elect their next leader

In September, Conservatives will elect their new leader.

Key takeaways:

  • The Conservatives declared Wednesday that their next leader would be chosen by September 10 after accepting their third leadership race rules in six years.
  • Voting ballots will be mailed to party members in late July or early August, after membership applications are accepted until June 3.

After accepting the rules for its 3rd leadership race in six years, the Conservatives announced Wednesday that their next leader would be chosen by September 10.

Candidates will have until April 19 to submit their applications, which will cost $200,000 and include a $100,000 deposit to ensure that the rules are followed. After the contest, the deposit will be refunded.

That’s the same sum of money needed to run for the party’s leadership in 2020 when Erin O’Toole was elected.

Membership applications will be accepted until June 3, with ballots mailed to party members in late July or early August.

The only confirmed candidate for the Conservative leadership is Pierre Poilievre, an Ottawa-area member of Parliament with a reputation for being a firebrand.

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Candice Bergen, the current Interim Leader, has not indicated whether she intends to run for the permanent position.

Conservatives are courting former Quebec premier Jean Charest to run for the party’s leadership. Still, Charest stated Wednesday at a meet-and-greet event with MPs in Ottawa that he needed to see the rules first before deciding.

“You’ll recall that two years ago I concluded that the campaign would not have been viable because there wasn’t enough time for me to go out there and introduce myself to the membership and recruit new members, so that’ll be part of what we’ll be looking for,” he said.

“Will they let us run a real campaign and get our name out there?”

One of the decisions that Conservatives on the committee had to make was whether to hold a shorter or longer election — a decision that many said would determine how many candidates would enter the race, including those not currently serving as MPs and those not who may run on single issues.

In September, Conservatives will elect their new leader.
In September, Conservatives will elect their new leader. Image from Global News

After MPs signed a petition triggering a leadership review, O’Toole was removed from his caucus last month.

Anger toward his leadership had been building for months, sparked by the election’s disappointing results in September.

Hours after O’Toole was fired, Bergen was elected as his interim replacement.

Others considering running include Brampton Mayor Patrick Brown, who previously led Ontario’s Progressive Conservatives, and Ontario MP Leslyn Lewis, who finished third behind O’Toole in the 2020 election, thanks to strong support from social conservatives and Western Canadians.

While Conservative MPs await word on their leadership options, many of the party’s 119 members have already endorsed Poilievre.

The member of Parliament has already begun fundraising and campaigning. He spoke at an event in Montreal earlier this week and planned to hold a rally in Regina on Friday.

Source: Global News

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