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Thursday, September 28, 2023

TAIKAN’s founder discusses apparel expansion


Key Takeaways:

  • “We strive to elevate the work of innovative counterparts in our overlapping industries.
  • While developing a dependable set of seasonless, genderless, and essential products that complete everyone’s wardrobe.”

For over 25 years, Garret “GMAN” Louie has been a fixture in the Vancouver music, fashion, and skateboarding scenes. Louie has an insider’s view of what’s going on in art, design, and fashion as the owner of Fortune Sound Club, Livestock, or Timebomb Trading Inc.

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And much of that insider knowledge is reflected in his brand Taikan. According to Louie, the accessories company recently expanded into apparel with a line of “seasonless, genderless, and essential.”

TAIKAN is a clothing and bag brand that creates minimalist, high-quality products at an affordable price. TAIKAN’s brand ethos revolves around collaborating with creative friends and collaborators, whether they’re into photography, music, design, art, or skateboarding, and showcasing their talents through our brand.

Lunching a beauty during Pandemic; Image from National post

We strive to elevate the work of our creative counterparts in our overlapping industries while developing a dependable set of seasonless, genderless, and essential products that complete everyone’s wardrobe.

What made this the ideal time to launch a clothing line?

COVID-19 is the short answer. We just had to put in the time to make this happen, and it’s something we’ve been thinking about since day one because of our previous experiences in the apparel industry. So with that in mind, our team’s combined experience, as well as a perfect window in the industry, created the opportunity to give it a shot, and we are excited to continue pushing it forward.

Do you have a ‘hero’ range in the collection?

I personally love our Hand Dip Dyed Hoodies, which are made of custom-made heavyweight fleece. The gradient design is unique but not overly flashy, and the quality is what sells it. While it may appear that any hoodie will suffice at times, this one gives that notion a run for its money.

What is the price capacity of the new TAIKAN clothing line?

Tops range from $40 to $99, bottoms from under $100, and bags from $25 to $125.

Source: o.canada

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