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Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Supercar Collector and YouTube Personality Khaled Mazeedi’s Drives Across Europe in Unforgettable Tour

Supercar owner and YouTube personality Khaled Mazeedi ‘Ten” is known for his vast collection of modified exotic vehicles, but sometimes these incredible works of art attract lots of attention, both good and bad, and sometimes even the police get involved.

A resident of Dubai, Khaled Mazeedi, the president and founder of the Lamborghini Club UAE set off on a European rally with 10 club members. The crew set off on a 21 day tour starting off in London en route to Geneva, stopping along the cities of Paris, Zurich, Bern, Lugano and Milan along the way. 

And it was all captured on camera. Mazeedi, a prominent Youtuber, filmed much of the rally, and shared the experience on his channel which has a large following of 3.4 million subscribers.

The car club hosts international rallies and ships its cars to Europe annually, and claims that every once in a while they run into issues, but that in general people are very friendly, welcoming and excited to see such rare cars.

Unfortunately parading on the euro highway with high-performance supercars is likely to annoy one or two of the local residents. It seems that not everyone appreciates nor likes the sound of high-strung V10 and V12 Lamborghinis screaming down the highway.

This time, Mazeedi and the Lamborghini club crew really riled up the local residents, as one local motorist went to the extent of calling the cops on the Lamborghini club crew, with reports claiming that they were street racing on major roads.

Tipped off by an Instagram DM 

While en route to one of their stops in Paris, Mazeedi received a text warning from his fans on instagram, @ten, that police were posted outside their hotel. The entourage arrived at the property only to be welcomed by local law enforcement who immediately began checking out the cars and inspecting them.

However, as Mazeedi confronted the police to address the situation, the police officers were very calm and understanding of the tourists. They go on to explain that a number of Parisian motorists complained of the modifications and loud exhaust sounds coming from these supercars. In addition, there were complaints of the crew street racing on the highway. 

From what Mazeedi and the Lamborghini Club UAE members could figure out, it seems the residents of Paris, who were aware of their arrival via posts on social media, were unhappy with the loud exhaust systems on some of the cars. Mazeedi and numerous club members explain to the ‘grenadiers’ that since the exhaust systems are so loud, many people think that the cars are traveling far quicker than they actually are. And that they were travelling within the speed limit and always respect local and international laws. 

Not the First Time

This is not the first time Mazeedi has had to confront police because of supercars. In 2019, RCMP law enforcement in Vancouver, Canada stopped Mazeedi for a parking ticket, and slapped him with a 3 month driving ban in the province of British Columbia. It seems the officers, who were confused about Mazeedi’s Lamborghini having a foreign number plate, did not understand international carnet laws.

The interaction was filmed and posted on Youtube, gaining millions of views.

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