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Meet Julia Wang, making her name synonymous to success as a powerhouse in the world of real estate

Julia Wang, with her passion and grit, has risen to the top and voted #1 realtor on social media.

The more closely we look around ourselves and understand how people work across business industries, the more we understand how individuals, especially the female brigade has been working to reach the top of their areas of interest. One such amazing success story is of Julia Wang from the US, who has been making her name synonymous to success with her passion, grit and self-belief as a real estate broker, influencer and entrepreneur.

Since a very early age, Julia Wang got attracted to things that excited her. She grew up in Dallas and attended school in Austin. Currently, she lives in Houston and has created a unique name for herself in the competitive real estate industry, that shows no signs of stopping; in fact, has been on a constant rise ever since. The kind of momentum that this talented lady has achieved makes it hard for people to believe that getting into the real estate industry was not her choice, but her husband’s, who has always motivated her to give her best and supported her endlessly in her endeavours.

Julia Wang studied from the University of Texas at Austin, and got into the field of marketing initially, before stepping her foot into real estate. She understood her skills as a consultant, which upped her confidence to become a part of the ever-growing real estate world. To become a skilled entrepreneur, she decided to intersect her passion for property with her purpose in business. This led her becoming the #1 voted realtor on social media and Yahoo’s top agent to follow in 2020. As an ace entrepreneur, Julia Wang had very early realized the opportunities the online platforms could offer. Hence, she leveraged these mediums to her advantage for increasing the marketing reach of her listings.

Julia Wang has risen to be a market leader who has spellbound everyone in the industry and otherwise with her e-newsletters as well, where she shares her ideas, design tips, market insights and many inspirational messages. Julia Wang founded ‘NextGen Real Estate’ in 2020, where she excels as a woman broker and entrepreneur, getting people closer to their dream homes in Houston and beyond.

To know more, follow her on Instagram @juliawang_htx

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