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Thursday, February 22, 2024

Erika Aguilar Lifestyle Insurance Agent

In a world of fashion Influencers in the music , acting, and real estate you don’t see many life insurance agents breaking this industry. Meet Erika Aguilar, who is paving a way for life agents to rock that fashion lifestyle. Erika’s social media presence shows her love for everything fashion. Erika loves Valentino, Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga just to name a few. When she’s taking a break she loves to go to Rodeo Drive. Erika brings fashion to many places in the world. One of her Instagram posts has a bright red Chanel clutch with a margarita. Erika isn’t afraid to show her love for fashion in her recent post rocking a Balenciaga sweatshirt. Erika has accomplished many things life for someone in her age that not that many can do. She has become a self-made millionaire. She does life insurance alongside her husband Ricardo Aguilar.

They have a major company called “ TCO FINANCIAL “  known as The Chosen Ones. That has made many people  six figures. Yes six figures. Last year they bought their assistant a new car, donated over 50 laptops do kids who could not afford a laptop when the pandemic started. They have been helping the community in many ways. Erika comes from humble beginnings packing eggs In her hometown. She grew up in a small town called Wasco, California.

She tells us about a major project:“I have an interesting project that’s just an idea between my husband and I, right now, hopefully by this summer we are able to bring it to life.” Who inspires her in the entrepreneurship world? “ I have so many, Sara Blakey, Elon Musk, Whitney Wolfe, Martha Debayle, Patrick Bet David “ Also we asked her how does it feel to be a self made millionaire: “ I’m happy where I am today, but by no means is where I think I’ve reached my best I’m more excited about the version of myself, in the next five years “ We asked what does she listen to in the G wagon: “ I’m very weird with that if I like a song I will listen to it non stop until I no longer care for it. I love music “

She has broken many records as one of the first Latina millionaires in life insurance. She stands for women empowerment to her followers that if she did it anyone can with hard work and dedication. She strives to her followers to stick to something and not giving up.  Erika has so much coming for her this 2021 and you can see everything Erika on her Instagram : @erika__tco

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