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Thursday, February 22, 2024

COVID-19 holiday season restrictions differ by province and territory

COVID-19 holiday season restrictions

Key Takeaways:

  • Because of the fast spread of the COVID-19 Omicron variant, many Canadians are wondering.
  • If they should change their plans when visiting family during the holidays or partying on New Year’s Eve.

The federal government has already counseled against international travel, and provinces and territories across the country are moving quickly to put efforts in place to slow the virus’s spread. Many of the new regulations are set to effect just before Christmas.

Canadians who need to keep their families safe this winter should be aware of the new restrictions.

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Households of up to 25 people can be formed if everyone, except children under 12, is fully vaccinated. If not everyone is fully vaccinated, the number drops to ten.

COVID-19 Variant; Image from FOX 5 San Diego

Up to 25 people are permitted at indoor non-household gatherings, with physical separation between members of different groups. Up to 50 people can assemble outside, with physical separation required between members of other groups.

The capacity of bars and restaurants is set at 75%. Theatres and places of worship are limited to either 100 people or 75% capacity, whichever is lower. Gyms, libraries, museums, and galleries can accommodate up to 25 people or 50% of their ability, whichever is less.

Indoor gatherings in a home are now limited to household members plus 15 people as of December 3. Indoor meetings at non-dwellings are limited to 15 people, but for group counseling, that limit is raised to 20.

Indoor gatherings in halls, conference rooms, and government and Inuit organization facilities are limited to 100 people or 75% capacity, whichever is lower.

Other types of gatherings, recreation facilities, bars and restaurants, and retail settings are subject to additional restrictions, which can be found on the province’s website.

Source: CTV News

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