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Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Ahmad Mansour – An Actor turned Entrepreneur, who has made it big in both worlds with his passion and dedication

His motto for succeeding in business is extremely clear, take a step back, see what’s missing and fill in the gaps.

Ahmad Mansour was born and raised in Sydney, Australia. From a young age Mansour was drawn towards acting and later went ahead to pursue it as a full time career. His first appearance in Channel Nine’s UNDERBELLY kick started his acting career in the film Industry, and bagged him another role in Channel Nine’s Rescue Special Ops. Since then his passion has made him go places. Ahmad’s acting skills were displayed not only in Australia, but also in countries like UAE and Germany. He has worked with some iconic directors like Colin Fletcher and Tony Tisle.

Apart from making a mark in the entertainment industry, Mansour has made his presence felt in the world of business too. He himself has admitted to have a penchant towards luxury and sports cars since his teen years and that’s what made him jump into a business which was associated with four wheels. His life took a total 360 degree turn, when once on a trip to Dubai he rented a car and spent a good chunk of money on it. After realizing the huge potential this car rental business offered he decided to venture into it and soon shifted to Dubai in 2018. He started his car renting business along with a fellow likeminded partner, and now has expanded this business manifold. Monsour has expanded from a small business, to a chain of rental car showrooms in the matter of just 2 years. His definition of success is accomplishing whatever he wanted to achieve. Looking at his name and business in the media and billboards, gives him a sense of achievement.

He says his line of work is unique because, “One gets to meet different kinds of people from celebrities, rich and famous to middle class.” It is not only beneficial for the business but also for his personal growth. From a small business to being booked for months on end, he has surely achieved a lot. To anyone who aspires to follow his footsteps, Ahmad suggests, “Stay focussed, you may face obstacles in your entrepreneurial journey, but keep chasing your dreams, and you are bound to succeed”

Know more about Ahmad on www.instagram.com/ahmed.amwell

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