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Thursday, December 7, 2023

Tamara Lich organizer of the “Freedom Convoy,” will remain in custody until her trial

Organiser of the "Freedom Convoy" Tamara Lich will remain in custody until her trial

Key Takeaways:

  • The “Freedom Convoy” organizer Tamara Lich was refused bail and is currently being held in custody while she awaits her criminal prosecution for the charges connected to the Ottawa protest.
  • Following her triumphant speech at her bail hearing on Tuesday, Lich briefly spoke to Marazzo in a scene that was aired on The Crown.
  • She received bail in March and was returned to Medicine Hat, Alberta, with the condition that she abide by the terms of her release.

Tamara Lich, the “Freedom Convoy” organizer, was denied bail and will now remain in detention while she awaits her criminal trial for the Ottawa protest-related crimes.

After Lich was prosecuted last week for violating her bail conditions, Justice of the Peace Paul Harris stated on Friday that her defense had failed to establish that she could be relied upon not to commit another crime.

Harris stated in his decision that “Ms. Lich has chosen to exercise her freedom” by disobeying the terms of her bail.

Lawrence Greenspon, her attorney, expressed Lich’s “disappointment” with the verdict and vowed to submit an application to the Superior Court of Ontario for a bail review to challenge Harris’ ruling.

Lich was detained last month on suspicion of violating the rule barring her from speaking to ten members of the “Freedom Convoy” unless they are in the company of their legal counsel.

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Lich still faces more criminal charges for her involvement in the demonstration that caused Ottawa to become gridlocked earlier this year, in addition to a single charge of violation of recognizance.

Lich attended a ceremony in Toronto in June where she accepted a “Freedom Award” and posed for pictures with Tom Marazzo, a protest spokesperson.

The Crown showed a clip showing Lich briefly speaking to Marazzo after her acceptance speech at her bail hearing on Tuesday.

An Ottawa police detective, Chris Benson, testified that Lich and Marazzo sat at the same table throughout the gala.

Greenspon contended that any interaction between Lich and Marazzo was brief and that since her legal counsel from separate civil litigation was present, Lich wasn’t violating her bail terms.

Organiser of the "Freedom Convoy" Tamara Lich will remain in custody until her trial
Organiser of the “Freedom Convoy” Tamara Lich will remain in custody until her trial. Image from Global News

In his decision, Harris stated that the defendant had not provided proof that Lich’s attorneys were present at the table or in the video. He said that the notion that the condition could only be accepted by having lawyers present on the same occasion was “totally ludicrous.”

Harris defended his choice, saying that Ms. Lich chose to pose arm-in-arm with Mr. Marazzo “to add even more fuel to the fire.” “This is confusing to one,”

Harris also referenced fresh data from text messages between her and convoy organizer Chris Barber, with who she is jointly charged with intimidating and obstructing a peace officer, among other offenses, according to new data produced by the Crown. The text messages Harris referred to as “inculpatory” of Lich’s function as a convoy organizer.

After almost three weeks, Lich was first prosecuted when authorities decided to end the protest.

In March, she was granted bail and sent back to Medicine Hat, Alberta, on the condition that she follow the terms of her release. She was released under the supervision of a surety who had posted a $20,000 bond.

The Crown stated during the bail hearing that the surety would be required to pay the money to the court.

Source: CTV News

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