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Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Saskatchewan welcomes more Ukrainians to the Prairies following the arrival of a flight

Saskatchewan welcomes new Ukrainians to the Prairies after a flight arrives.

Key Takeaways:

  • This week saw the arrival of yet another group of displaced Ukrainians in Saskatchewan, but the province’s arms are still open.
  • Huzhva arrived on the second aircraft the province organised, together with the international assistance organisations Solidaire and Open Arms.

Another group of displaced Ukrainians arrived in Saskatchewan this week, but the province’s arms remain open.

“In true Saskatchewan style, our province has been welcoming to Ukrainians. When they reach here, they are welcomed with sympathy and assistance.

On Friday, Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe welcomed additional Ukrainian families to the province with this statement.

People had the opportunity to meet the displaced Ukrainians as they started their new lives in Canada two days after their plane touched down in Regina.

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The new group received support at the Ramada hotel in Regina for health care, banking, housing, job support, and much more; it served as a one-stop shop for individuals who fled their war-torn nation for better times in Saskatchewan.

According to Svitlana Keniuk, on behalf of Tetiana Huzhva, who escaped the city of Bucha and arrived from Poland Wednesday night with her husband and two children, “they are just delighted by how everything is organized here and how Canada is so hospitable.”

On the second aircraft organized by the province, along with the international aid agencies Solidaire and Open Arms, Huzhva arrived.

Open Arms, Solidaire, and Saskatchewan inked a commitment on Friday to work together on five humanitarian flights to bring more than 1,000 Ukrainian citizens by March 2023. The two flights that have already arrived this summer are among the five.

Saskatchewan welcomes new Ukrainians to the Prairies after a flight arrives.
Saskatchewan welcomes new Ukrainians to the Prairies after a flight arrives. Image from CBC News

Since the start of the conflict, more than 1,500 internally displaced Ukrainians have arrived in Saskatchewan, with 230 arriving in early July on the first charter flight from Poland.

All of the individuals from the initial flight have found lodging around the province after initially being accommodated at U of R. As they settle in, the newcomers this week are also lodging at the University of Regina and the Ramada.

Sofia Buriach, a 15-year-old Ukrainian who traveled to Regina with her mother and 12-year-old brother, said, “Oh, it’s great, it’s amazing.” “I couldn’t believe that so many individuals were assisting Ukrainians significantly.

Moe expressed his hope that future celebrations will be numerous as more displaced Ukrainians are welcomed into Canada.

Moe says we hope to see more Ukrainian visitors to Saskatchewan in the next few days. “Ukrainian people, family members, and friends are coming to Saskatchewan.”

Source: Global News

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