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Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Rabies warning in Tuktoyaktuk after foxes test positive

Two foxes in Tuktoyaktuk have tested positive for rabies, triggering an advisory for residents of the community.

The NWT’s chief environmental health officer said the foxes tested positive earlier this month and there have been incidents of dogs in the community being attacked by foxes.

In its advisory, the territorial government told residents of Tuktoyaktuk: “If you have been bitten, scratched, or in contact with a fox, or your dog after it was attacked, you should contact the Rosie Ovayuak Health Centre and report the incident immediately.”

Rabies is almost invariably fatal in humans if allowed to develop untreated.

The NWT government said residents whose dogs were attacked should contact a wildlife officer to report it.

“Getting your dogs vaccinated for rabies is an important way to reduce the risk for you and your community from rabies,” Thursday’s advisory stated.

Health authorities are working to make vaccinations available in the community. Hunters, mushers and others regularly handling wildlife and animals are advised to ensure their rabies vaccination status is up to date.

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