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Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Parade float stuns Central Alberta Rodeo organizers

The parade float surprised the rodeo organisers in Central Alberta.

Key Takeaways:

  • The parade’s organizers and a central Alberta rodeo are advising moderation after a racist-themed float was seen in this weekend’s celebration.
  • Since then, the rodeo and parade committee have expressed their sorrow for the occurrence and promised to prevent a repeat.

After a racist-themed float was spotted in this weekend’s parade, the parade organization and organizers of a central Alberta rodeo are urging restraint.

The parade float had a tractor hauling a man with a false beard wearing a turban and a suit in the town of Sundre on Saturday morning. The words “The Liberal” were written on the side of the trailer, which was a manure spreader.

The entrance was not accepted, according to the Sundre Pro Rodeo and the parade committee. The committee continued by saying that it violated the regulations.

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The committee made a statement on the Sundre Pro Rodeo’s Facebook page that read, “The entry was not approved and, upon further inspection, joined the parade without passing through any registration.”

The float has already received scathing criticism from locals, notwithstanding how it got there.


A hub for the Sikh community in Calgary, Dash Mesh Cultural Centre expressed its “deep disappointment and sadness” over the “show of prejudice.”

“To stop these manifestations of racism, we must have serious discussions and take concrete action. We encourage the Sundre Pro Rodeo’s parade committee and organizers to visit DCC to learn more about Sikhs, “it tweeted.

“We hope that via discourse, these foolish acts of ignorance toward minorities can be put to an end.”

George Chahal, a member of parliament for Calgary Skyview, and Jasraj Singh Hallan, a representative for Calgary Forest Lawn, both criticized the float as “shameful.”

The parade float surprised the rodeo organisers in Central Alberta.
The parade float surprised the rodeo organisers in Central Alberta. Image from iHeartRadio

The parade committee and the rodeo organizers have since issued additional regrets for the incident and vowed to prevent a repeat.

The rodeo stated, “We do send our sincere apologies, and something like that will NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN.”

In a statement to CTV News, MLA Jason Nixon, who represents Rimbey-Rocky Mountain House-Sundre, denounced the float and said that “discrimination and racism have no place” in Alberta.

Nixon continued, “Parade organizers have told me that this float was not permitted and that they are taking steps to ensure this does not occur in the future.

Nearly 92 kilometers northwest of Calgary is the town of Sundre.

Source: CTV News

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