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Saturday, December 2, 2023

Over delays, Air Canada temporarily bans pets from the baggage hold

Because of the delays, Air Canada has temporarily banned dogs from the luggage hold

Key Takeaways:

  • Air Canada stated on Wednesday that it will not allow animals in the luggage hold until September 12 due to “longer than usual” delays at airports.
  • According to data from FlightAware, Air Canada had the highest rate of delayed flights among all airlines over the long weekend at around 70%.
  • In a letter to customers dated June 29, Air Canada CEO Michael Rousseau expressed regret for the cancellation of flights and subpar customer service.

Due to “longer than typical” delays at airports, Air Canada announced on Wednesday that it will not permit animals in the baggage hold until September 12. Carriers and airports are battling customer complaints about misplaced luggage and long lineups.

A stronger-than-expected increase in traffic after a pandemic-induced dip is causing airlines in Europe, the United States, and Canada to cancel and delay flights due to a lack of employees.

On social media, travelers at airports from Toronto to Frankfurt have posted pictures of stacked bags at baggage belts.

Air Canada stated in an email that it will not accept any new requests for pets to travel in the luggage compartment until September 12, 2022, “due to longer than usual airport delays, and also for the safety and comfort of pets.” It added that existing pet reservations would be honored.

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A dog that had been transported by a separate airline had been left at Toronto Pearson International Airport with luggage for nearly 21 hours, according to a report from the Canadian television network CTV News earlier this month.

WestJet Airlines, a less popular competitor of Air Canada, declared that it would keep taking animals.

The largest airline in Canada recently announced that it would reduce its flight schedule by 15% in July and August. The cutbacks, which will primarily affect domestic routes, will take effect on Wednesday.

Because of the delays, Air Canada has temporarily banned dogs from the luggage hold
Because of the delays, Air Canada has temporarily banned dogs from the luggage hold. Image from West Observer

The busiest airport in Canada, Pearson, said in a statement that it is “currently reviewing the impact of these changes.”

Over the long weekend, about 70% of Air Canada’s U.S. flights experienced delays, the greatest percentage of any airline, according to FlightAware statistics. The biggest foreign airline operating in the U.S. is Air Canada.

Air Canada CEO Michael Rousseau apologized for flight disruptions and poor customer service in a letter to customers dated June 29.

The American aviation system is anticipated to “remain difficult this summer and beyond,” a top United Airlines executive stated Wednesday.

Source: CTV News

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