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Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Next semester, masks won’t be necessary in Ontario schools

Masks will not be required in Ontario classrooms from next semester.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Ministry of Education announced on Monday that masks will no longer be required for pupils in Ontario schools starting with the upcoming fall semester.
  • The Ministry of Schooling presented a plan late last month to help students make up after two years of delayed education.
  • The province claims that $26.6 billion has been set aside for elementary and secondary education in Ontario for the 2022–2023 school year.

The Ministry of Education on Monday declared that masks would not be a requirement for students in Ontario schools starting in the upcoming fall semester.

Instead, users will be optional; pupils can have masks if they want them.

School boards will still have access to rapid testing.

On March 21, most of Ontario’s settings abolished the requirement for masks, making them optional for children in educational settings.

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The first complete term without a mask requirement for Ontario students since the start of the epidemic will be the autumn semester of 2022.

After two years of disrupted education, the Ministry of Education released a proposal late last month to assist pupils in catching up. The COVID-19 protocols used in schools will continue to be the same as last spring as part of that strategy.

Education Minister Stephen Lecce stated in a statement to CTV News Toronto on Monday that the goal of the government’s Plan to Catch Up is to maintain kids in secure learning environments free from disturbance.

Masks will not be required in Ontario classrooms from next semester.
Masks will not be required in Ontario classrooms from next semester. Image from CBC News

“The Plan to Catch Up is focused on assisting students in getting back on track, learning practical skills for life and work, and taking full advantage of the resumption of clubs, sports, and extracurricular activities — essential for students’ physical and mental health. That begins with attending class on time, participating in the complete academic program, and receiving previous mental health and tutoring services.

Little fresh information was provided regarding the government’s plans to maintain in-person instruction throughout the year, especially if another round of COVID-19 strikes the province. Instead, the government highlighted its prior expenditures on HEPA filter units and improved ventilation, the availability of quick COVID-19 exams for staff and kids, and financing for parents to cover the expenses of online education.

According to the province, $26.6 billion has been set aside for Ontario’s elementary and secondary schools for the 2022–2023 academic year.

Source: CTV News

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