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Flight cancellations by Air Canada make summer travel in British Columbia difficult

For summer travellers in British Columbia, Air Canada flight cancellations are a hassle.

Key Takeaways:

  • Many British Columbians’ travel plans have become more challenging as a result of Air Canada’s decision to cancel 10,000 flights this summer.
  • Duncan Dee, who served as Air Canada’s last COO, expected that it would have an impact and that conditions would somewhat improve.
  • They also urge people who haven’t bought tickets to get ready for higher airfares because there aren’t enough seats available.

The decision by Air Canada to cancel 10,000 flights this summer has complicated many British Columbians’ travel plans.

Nicole Robb, attempting to plan a vacation for her ladies under-20 ringette team, is having trouble sleeping because of the cancellation news.

According to Robb, the executive director of Ringette BC, “it’s creating a lot of stress for our parents, volunteers who are trying to get these kids to go to a large tournament.”

Players, parents, and coaches had flights scheduled to Moncton, New Brunswick, for a significant event. However, Air Canada canceled its return flights to Vancouver on Wednesday.

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The group is holding its collective breath as they scramble to find a different game plan.

“I think that would be a genuine devastation if we can’t get there,” she said. “If we can’t get there, we would’ve put forward quite a lot of money to not even get to attend and compete.”

Around 1,000 flights are normally operated by Air Canada each day. However, it will lower its flight schedule over the next months by canceling more than 150 flights each day.

Gabor Lukacs, head of Air Passenger Rights, said, “These tickets should not have been offered at all.”

“Air Canada and other airlines should not have sold these tickets,”

WestJet has adopted a more proactive stance, reducing its flight schedule by 25% from levels in 2019.

For summer travellers in British Columbia, Air Canada flight cancellations are a hassle.
For summer travellers in British Columbia, Air Canada flight cancellations are a hassle. Image from The Globe and Mile

It’s an effort to relieve airport congestion and lessen daily flight delays brought on by an unusually high influx of summer travelers.

According to Martin Firestone, president of Travel Secure, “the infrastructure was not there to meet greater pent-up demand in travel, hence the cause for everything backfiring in respect to a domino effect.”

The federal transport ministry asserted that it has never requested that airports or airlines cut or cancel flights.

However, other analysts believe airline cancellations are a decent start.

The previous COO of Air Canada, Duncan Dee, predicted that it would have an effect and that things would improve to some extent. However, I don’t believe anything will improve appreciably until after Labor Day.

While some contend that travelers ought to be entitled to compensation.

Additionally, they advise individuals who haven’t purchased tickets to prepare for increased airfares due to a shortage of available seats.

Source: Global News

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