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Thursday, February 22, 2024

English Bay Barge in Vancouver has not moved at all

The English Bay Barge in Vancouver has yet to budge.

Key Takeaways:

  • A barge that ran aground last year in English Bay in Vancouver quickly became well-known as a selfie hotspot and a source of ideas for t-shirt designs.

Last year, a barge that went aground close to English Bay in Vancouver immediately gained notoriety as a selfie hotspot and source of inspiration for t-shirt designs. However, after seven months, locals appear to have grown tired of its intimidating presence on the shore.

The barge was last removed in November, two days after it fell unmoored in rough waters during a storm that tore across southwest British Columbia. A single tugboat was dispatched for that attempt to tow the barge away, but it proved unsuccessful.

Since then, a pile-driving business has been recruited to take it apart. Initially, May was the anticipated completion date for the work.

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CTV News contacted the corporation for an update, but no response was given.

The dismantling website was last updated on May 19 and is run by Vancouver Pile Driving Ltd.

“We appreciate your patience as we work to organize the barge’s dismantling and evacuation from English Bay. The location and state of the barge make it difficult to disassemble. Planning for removal is meticulously underway, “It is read.

The English Bay Barge in Vancouver has yet to budge.
The English Bay Barge in Vancouver has yet to budge. Image from Global News

We are collaborating with our partners and anticipate sharing a start date for deconstruction soon.

On Friday, CTV News polled people who were strolling along the waterfront. While locals claimed it has become an eyesore and questioned why it hasn’t been removed, tourists claimed they found it “interesting.”

The City of Vancouver claims it has “tracked all costs associated with the barge and will be pursuing compensation from the barge owner for all costs incurred, including some early security-related charges.

Source: CTV News

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