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Thursday, December 7, 2023

After being laid off, a man converts a minivan into a solar-powered workplace

After being laid off, a man converts his minivan into a solar-powered workplace.

Key Takeaways:

  • Robert Mah’s journey of appreciation began when he lost his job due to a large downsizing.
  • He began to think about discovering a way to escape the confines of what he nicknamed “The Cave” when he started collecting contracts.
  • Although it seemed like one of his worst experiences at the time, Robert is grateful that it ultimately led to some of his most unforgettable events.

Robert Mah’s path of gratitude started after he lost his job due to a significant downsizing.

Robert explains, “You feel like you’ve been rejected.” Like you’re not useful.

In addition, he was the only provider for his family of three young children.

I needed to earn money.

Robert decided to buy office supplies for a basement space using his severance pay. As he started receiving contracts, he began to daydream about finding a means to leave the boundaries of what he called “The Cave.”

Robert beams, “I always wanted to get that old beater van and get it all done. “So you can travel throughout the country and have fun.”

When Robert saw a solar panel on sale at his neighborhood hardware shop, he began taking steps toward fulfilling that desire. He reasoned that it could run small equipment like a chiller, hotplate, and microwave.

Robert started designing and creating modular furniture that could fit inside the van, morphing from a bed and storage bins into seats and tables, after he affixed the solar panel to the vehicle’s roof and connected the appliances.

Robert beams, “It’s like a bit of RV in the rear of my minivan.

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Once it was prepared for a lengthy journey, Robert and his wife got on the road. They set out for Victoria from Ottawa, buoyed by optimism following their layoff.

If you think that this is the worst thing that’s ever going to happen to you and also that it will only get worse from here, Robert warns, that’s precisely what will happen. “However, how can I profit from it if you think about it? How can I improve it?

If you’re like Robert, you’ll equip your little RV with a mobile office with two computer screens to continue working while you’re on the road.

Robert explains, “You can connect to any machine anywhere in the world. So why is being inside a factory necessary for me to control it?

Why then not carry on as he is doing now? Why not run manufacturing machinery in Ontario while parked beside the British Columbia sea?

Robert chuckles, “It’s funny; my biggest contract right now is with the company that fired me.

Robert is thankful that although it seemed like one of his worst experiences at the time, it later led to some of his most memorable experiences.

It felt like the finest thing that could have happened!

Source: CTV News

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