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Tuesday, September 26, 2023

‘Living the dream,’ a couple moves onto a boat full-time to sail around Canada

'Living the dream,' a couple moves onto a boat

Key Takeaways:

  • Taryn and Logan Pickard moved recently to their 40-foot sailboat.
  • A couple decided to make a significant life change by living on a boat full-time and traveling through Canadian waters.

According to SWNS, Taryn and Logan Pickard of Vancouver Island, Canada, had no sailing experience before quitting their jobs and moving onto a boat with their 10-year-old dog Max.

Taryn, 32, told Reuters that she and Logan, 36, first considered moving onto a boat while in Ireland. “We noticed a lot of people doing it over there, and the idea of not being limited to one location appealed to us,” Taryn told SWNS. “Because of the cold atmosphere in Canada, we had no idea people were doing it, but when we looked on YouTube, we discovered it was quite popular.”

“With no prior sailing experience, we signed up for a five-day crash course in our local area and dove right in,” she explained.

Taryn or Logan was able to quit their jobs thanks to their real estate investments, according to SWNS. Taryn told SWNS that she and her husband had been saving money from their three properties for about a decade to “do something different” with their lives. According to SWNS, the couple sold three properties to fund their sailing trip.

“Instead of buying nice things and taking expensive vacations, we just invested in property also are now available to live off the money we earn from that,” Taryn explained to SWNS. “We now want to live our lives with as little responsibility as possible, and it appears to be working so far.”

SWNS reports that the couple has owned three boats since deciding to change their lifestyle in 2019. According to SWNS, their first boat was too small, and their second boat, a 45-foot boat, couldn’t handle the heavy ice they’d face if they traveled north into colder climates.

Their third boat, which they purchased in March of this year, is a 40-foot steel sailboat capable of withstanding extreme weather, according to SWNS.

Source: FOX News

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