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Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Dr Chad Deal: Achieving staggering heights of success on Instagram as a cosmetic surgeon and businessman.

Amidst the pandemic, Dr Chad Deal rose viewership on Instagram by 1/2 million and made 9 ½ million in gross sales in business.

Many things changed about the business world and all these industries had to search for better options to increase their stock in the markets and retain their positions just like before the pandemic. It was time for some introspection and understanding of the situation at hand for businesses, where some moved ahead, while many others gave up halfway. The medical industry too saw massive changes in their working with a rapid rise in virtual consults and more technologically-driven payment options and consultations. Dr Chad Deal, who is certified by the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery (ABCS), the American Board of Facial Cosmetic Surgery (ABFCS), as well as the American Board of Surgery (ABS) has made a unique name for himself and his company Southern Surgical Arts across the US by working smartly amidst the pandemic and utilizing the power of social media platforms for growing his business and reach.

While others were still searching for ways to grow and expand their businesses, Dr Chad Deal with his firm located at four locations in Chattanooga and Ooltewah in Tennessee and Blue Ridge and Calhoun in Georgia grew his company further by multiplying its reach massively through Instagram. He worked for 12-15 hours a day from home and tried to utilize every aspect and resource of the social media platforms to promote his business. Dr Chad Deal started with creating tons of social media content related to the industry, including topics of health, fitness and beauty.

This activity of his every day resulted in him gaining an increasing number of consults so much that his voice used to get hoarse. These increasing consults made him see the future and also realize how the medical industry and practice would change in the coming years. Thus, he decided to be as flexible and adaptable as possible during the pandemic, not just as a cosmetic surgeon, but also as a businessman, which led to the growth of Southern Surgical Arts.

With providing creative and informative content on Instagram, his followers have risen massively, which has resulted in viewership of ½ million. He provides content that is educational, promotional, on current social events, funny skits about relationships, etc. Instagram has today become his network, where he has created his own channel, leading viewers to watch his ads as well. This garnered him a lot of fame and recognition and most importantly, a long list of clientele from all over the country.

The perfect use of social media platforms and the digital world as a whole, allowed Dr Chad Deal to grow his brand from a local name to a national company. Follow him on Instagram @drhidef.ssa to know more about his content and visit his firm’s website for more details, https://www.southernsurgicalarts.com/.

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