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Saturday, August 13, 2022

According to N.W.T. 1 new COVID-19 hospitalization, as well as an expansion of rapid tests

N.W.T. reports 1 new COVID-19 hospitalisation, expanded rapid tests

Key takeaways:

  • There is one new COVID-19-related hospitalisation in the N.W.T. today, according to the government’s online COVID-19 dashboard.
  • The Yellowknife area has 72, the Tch region has 214, and the Beaufort Delta region has 122.
  • Travelers arriving at the Hay River and Fort Smith airports will be able to get rapid antigen COVID-19 tests starting Saturday.

As per the govt’s online COVID-19 dashboard, there is one new COVID-19-related hospitalization in the N.W.T. today.

It’s the territory’s second hospitalization since the Omicron variant of COVID-19 became the dominant strain.

On Thursday, the government reported 77 so many cases of COVID-19. According to the report, there are currently 1,274 active cases throughout the territory.

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Seven hundred and twenty-two of them are in the Yellowknife area, 214 in the Tch region, and 122 in the Beaufort Delta region.

In addition, 64 cases are active in Sahtu, 62 in Dehcho, 50 in the Hay River area, and 40 in Fort Smith.

Two more airports, as well as the Fort Chip winter road, will offer rapid antigen tests.

Beginning Saturday, travelers having arrived at the Hay River as well as Fort Smith airports will be able to get rapid antigen COVID-19 tests.

If they have an approved self-isolation plan, people who enter the N.W.T. via the winter road from Fort Chipewyan would also be given the at-home tests.

N.W.T. reports 1 new COVID-19 hospitalisation, expanded rapid tests
N.W.T. reports 1 new COVID-19 hospitalization, expanded rapid tests. Image from Healthline

As per a press release from the Office of the Chief Public Health Officer, passengers arriving at the airports from outside the territory will be given at least two tests and inquired about using them inside a day of their entrance and then again 72 hours later.

The at-home rapid antigen tests were previously only available to visitors arriving in the territory through the Yellowknife and Inuvik airports.

The Northwest Territories began offering rapid antigen tests to travelers entering the territory by land at three border crossings last weekend.

Source: CBC News

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