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Thursday, February 29, 2024

Meet Matthew Rodriguez, aka TapWater, the YouTuber Inspiring Budding Talents Across the World

The young YouTuber and artist influencers’ videos offer entertainment and a great experience, especially to kids.

How amazing it is to know that a few individuals and professionals, across fields, especially youngsters, make every possible effort to go beyond boundaries. These individuals from different parts of the world make sure to give in their best in all that they choose to do in their lives and careers, and with their impeccable work in all that they choose to lay their hands on, also instill more hope, positivity, and motivation in others, ultimately inspiring budding talents of the world in ways more than one. The digital world has been a witness to the emergence of many such talented beings, especially YouTubers, who, with their distinctive videos, make sure to enthral and entertain all. Doing that and much more is Matthew Rodriguez, aka TapWater, the young guy from Florida, the US, who is making it huge as a creative video creator, YouTuber, and artist influencer.

Talking about his quest to excel excellently in his career and having the vision to make it huge in the world of YouTube, TapWater says ever since he was a kid, he was all into it. Moreover, when he watched people doing great as YouTubers, he was more inspired to be a part of the industry. He was only 13 years old when he debuted as a YouTuber, starting his channel with 0 subscribers but within a year went ahead in gaining great momentum and earned over 10K subscribers. At 15, he left high school for pursuing his dreams as a video creator and, since then, has never looked back.

TapWater (@tapwater), however, wants other budding creators and YouTubers to know and understand to sometimes take it slow in their careers since making content is a creative process and only rushing things may not help the content reach anywhere or may not connect at all with the audiences. He confesses that though he started quite early in life and also gained great response and subscribers swiftly, he never lost focus on what he was creating and why he was creating. Creating valuable content was always at the core of his video-making process, which helped him garner so much love from the audiences, even as a young creator.

TapWater takes about a day to create a video, and back in the day, he would take care of everything and the entire video creation process. But now, he has formed his team, from editors to thumbnail designers. He advises others to take it slow at the start to understand what they are creating and the purpose behind it and then gradually grow from there.

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