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Residents who stood up to convoy protestors get meals at an Ottawa eatery

Residents who stood to convoy protestors get dinner at an Ottawa eatery.

Key Takeaways:

  • A co-owner of a downtown Ottawa restaurant says he’d want to honor some of the city’s residents who defied the “Freedom Convoy” activists.
  • Customers and residents who know the people involved have called Vettorel, and they are working to make contact with them.

A downtown Ottawa restaurant co-owner says he’d love to reward some of the city’s citizens who made headlines for standing up to “Freedom Convoy” demonstrators.

On social media, North & Navy on Nepean Street, which is currently behind police checkpoints in the “protected area” downtown, stated it planned to reopen Wednesday and provided free supper to several local heroes.

“At any moment, we would like to invite Blue Jacket guy, Balcony Man, Pot & Ladle man, 3 grannies, and of course Zexi Li to supper on us,” the restaurant announced on Twitter.

Zexi Li, a resident of Centretown, filed a class-action lawsuit against the demonstrators, which included an order to stop the continual honking that locals had been subjected to.

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Blue Jacket Guy, Balcony Man, as well, as Pot & Ladle Man are three people who have been recorded confronting protesters at various times over the last three weeks, ranging from telling them to take their battle against provincial health mandates to Ontario Premier Doug Ford to shouting expletives at demonstrators from a balcony, to simply banging a pot to a ladle in the face of protesters on a street corner.

Marika Morris and her neighbors, who were caught standing in the street giving a thumbs down to a truck driver as he tried to go past their neighborhood, are the three grannies.

North and Navy chef and co-owner Adam Vettorel said he’d love to welcome these people over for dinner on Newstalk 580 CFRA’s Ottawa Now with Kristy Cameron.

“I suppose I’d say they’re folks that went viral during the occupation expressing their views toward the demonstrators,” he added. “And Zexi Li, without a doubt, Ottawa’s most effective unelected public officer.”

Residents who stood to convoy protestors get dinner at an Ottawa eatery. The Guardian
Residents who stood to convoy protestors get dinner at an Ottawa eatery. Image from The Guardian

Customers and locals who know the persons in issue have contacted Vettorel, and they are striving to contact them.

“Hopefully, within the next few days, we’ll be able to schedule a time for them to come, and we’ll give them supper and bring them a good bottle of wine to express our thanks,” he added.

Vettorel is looking forward to the reopening.

“I don’t like to jinx myself, but things seem to be improving,” he remarked. “I’m looking forward to it. Hopefully, by Wednesday, we’ll be as near to normal as possible, and we’ll be able to get back to work.”

He says the occupation, which came after two years of COVID-19 pandemic measures, was terrible, but he’s looking forward to seeing his customers again at his restaurant.

“So far, the online bookings have been pouring in quickly, and I believe there is a genuine desire for people to come out and experience certain restaurants and other businesses in Centretown that they have been missing,” Vettorel added.

Source: CTV News

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