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After fires damaged the Inuvik warming shelter, one firefighter was injured

firefighter was injured

Key Takeaways:

  • After slipping on an icy surface, a firefighter is in stable condition.
  • On Saturday an Inuvik firefighter was injured after slipping on an icy surface while battling a second fire at the town’s warming shelter.

Inuvik’s fire chief also director of protective services, Cynthia Hammond, stated in a press release issued on Sunday, Nov. 28, that the firefighter was being treated at the Inuvik Regional Hospital and that no civilians were injured in the fire.

The cause of the fire is started investigated, but it is not thought to be suspicious.

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The fire was the warming shelter’s second in two days, following an earlier fire on Friday that forced the warming shelter’s services to relocate to the homeless shelter at 5 Berger Street. The cause of the 1st fire was determined to be electrical.

According to Hammond, when firefighters responded to the second fire at 5:46 p.m. on Saturday, smoke was venting from the shelter’s roof. There was no one inside the building.

Firefighters attempted to enter the building to fight the fire at first, but unsafe conditions forced them to attack it from the outside. There were still isolated fires burning inside that couldn’t be reached several hours later.

“Access to the interior of the building was limited due to the building’s construction, proximity to powerlines, and frigid weather causing ice build-up,” Hammond wrote. “To gain access to these locations, an excavator was used.” Twenty-five firefighters and six fire trucks responded to Saturday’s fire.

Source: CBC News

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