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Lethbridge welcomes e-scooters and e-bikes.

In Lethbridge, e-scooters and e-bikes are warmly welcomed

Key Takeaways: On the spur of the moment, Kirstin Butler and John Seddon decided to check out the new e-scooters in Lethbridge. Butler said they had a terrific time despite the cold. Kirstin Butler and John Seddon decided to check out the new e-scooters in Lethbridge on the moment’s spontaneity.…



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The Edmonton Oilers beat the San Jose Sharks in OT.

The Edmonton Oilers beat the San Jose Sharks in overtime

Key Takeaways: On Thursday night, the Edmonton Oilers came back from a 4-2 deficit to upset the San Jose Sharks 5-4 in overtime at Rogers Place.A few minutes later, Kailer Yamamoto scored his 20th goal, receiving Leon Draisaitl and past San Jose goalie James Reimer.Nick Bonino reclaimed the Sharks’ advantage.…
In Alberta, there are 16 cases of avian flu.

In Alberta, 16 instances of avian flu have been found

Key Takeaways: In Alberta, sixteen avian influenza (AI) cases, sometimes known as bird flu, have been documented. Because there is no cure for the disease, it could be devastating to the province’s chicken business.Smaller farms should be avoided for the most part. Various safety criteria must be observed if outside…
Will the prohibition on foreign homebuyers in Canada have an impact?

Will Canada’s prohibition on foreign homebuyers have an impact?

Key Takeaways: Real estate professionals had mixed reactions to Canada’s declaration of a two-year restriction on foreign homebuyers when assessing the market’s ramifications.St. John refers to the Golden Horseshoe region of Ontario’s provincial government’s 15 percent tax on foreign purchasers. Real estate professionals had conflicting reactions to Canada’s announcement of…
Canadians are becoming increasingly divided over COVID-19 and politics

COVID-19 and politics are dividing Canadians more than ever

Key Takeaways: According to a new survey, more Canadians are becoming divided, with some claiming that personal issues have caused them to distance themselves from friends and family.Around 40% of those polled said they had severed contact with friends or family due to a disagreement over the pandemic or politics.According…